Ride 430 – 2013, Mission Accomplished!

Another year, another epic ride. We launched out last week with 50 riders and dozens of support staff to complete our fundraising effort for Ride430. The ride was a little different this year, since we switched our route from Scottsdale to San Diego. This year was going to take us from Mesa to Wickenburg to Prescott to Payson and back to Mesa. There was over 14,000 ft of climbing and around 360 miles.

This year we were able to raise approximately $430,000. We presented checks in the amount of $100,000 to the MARSOC Foundation, the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund, and the Knights of heroes. After paying the expenses of the ride, we will be also setting up an endowment that we will use to directly assist Service Persons striving to return to duty and to a more independent life.

Each evening there was a presentation that helped set the tone for why we were doing this ride, and created camaraderie among the riders and staff. On night two, Col Thompson performed a moving presentation of the “honor table”.

An additional impressive moment was riding through town of Yarnell and seeing the memorial to the 19 firefighters that lost their lives this year. It was moving to see that so many people had left patches, coins, and other remembrances at the site of the memorial to honor the 19 firefighters.

In the end, the ride was a huge success, in funds raised and lives touched. This is year six, and I can’t imagine my October being the same without it!

First Day of Ride

First Day of our Freewheel Ride

A great first day of riding in our freewheel foundation charity ride. Also known as the #ride430 challenge, it is a bicycle ride that has raised over $400,000 this year for wounded veterans, children of fallen soldiers, the #marsoc foundation, and the injured marine semper Fi fund.

45 riders, dozens of support staff and hundreds of miles with lots of climbing through Arizona makes for a lot of great memories and lots of needed help for our charitable recipients!

Here is a picture of our final water stop after 75 windy miles with 20 to go. Keep up the fight guys!!!

Arizona Diamondbacks

Final Diamondbacks Game

The last Dbacks game for 2013 just finished with a nice 3-2 win for the home team! One thing I appreciate with the AZ Dbacks is how genuinely good the players and management is. It truly is an organization I am happy to patronize.

San Bernardino Project

IES Airport Lighting Conference

Less than a month until the IES ALC. It is in Tucson this year, October 20-24. I have been involved in the conference for about 10 years now and must say that this is by far the best place to get airfield lighting and Navaid related information. Most, if not all, of the experts in the industry are there, sharing what they know about new technology as well as how to work with legacy infrastructure.

If you don’t know about it, check it out at If you know about it and aren’t sure you can go? Figure it out, you will be glad you did.

A Big Thanks to our Web Goddesses

It seems fitting that my first blog entry for the Rural Electric blog would be for the designers of our new website, Small Giants. To say that these ladies have skill, artistic ability and patience is an understatement! I have personally known Danielle Feroleto for over 5 years and she has been a maven in the marketing and construction fields for as long as I have known her.

All you have to do is look at their web designs, marketing material and business development stuff to know that you are dealing with some very talented ladies. However, I need to relate a funny story to demonstrate the patience side of the story. About 2 years ago, we as a company (a small business at that), decided to re-brand our organization. Our logo was from when the company was first formed in 1964 and it looked that way. We decided to go with Danielle and her team to brush up the logo, and collateral materials (letterhead, business cards) and work up a new website for us. I remember sitting down with her and pressing her on the schedule of getting this new website up and operational. I didn’t want this to “get drug out” I said.

Well, Kimberly and Elisabeth did an awesome job of getting us our logo done, building the framework of our website, doing the design so it all coordinated. It was perfect! Except for one thing…..

They needed “content”. This is code for, “You need to tell us what jobs you have done, who your team is, give us pictures, tell us about your divisions, etc”. Well, we told them that we were working on it…… so they waited

And waited

And waited some more.

About 1 ½ years after we first sat down with Danielle, she called my office and told me pretty directly about how proud she was of our new website (that was gathering dust on some server somewhere) and how she wanted, nee “demanded” that we get this content done, so she could show it to the world! Well, when Danielle calls you and “asks” you to get something done, you do it. So we did it, and pulled our information together. A few revisions later, we had a sparkling new website that we have gotten dozens of compliments on.
You don’t really realize how much your online presence impacts you. Prospective employees check it out, clients look at it, and even savvy vendors look at it to see if you are someone they want to do business with. It is not the only thing they take into consideration, but it is an important piece of information to them. We are proud to say that our online presence is as good as it has ever been.

We have Danielle, Kimberly, Elisabeth and the rest of the Small Giants team to thank for it. Thanks for waiting, we are glad you did!

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