Airfield Lighting L-867B Quick Change Light Fixture Base

Part #: LBQC_13.5

Rural Electric’s patented quick change light base plate makes short work of replacing damaged edge lighting. No more difficult removal of broken frangible couplings with chisels, pry bars and hammers, simply release a set screw and place the new fixture.

Details & Features:

  • Each quick change light base plate mates with a frangible aluminum column using a slip-fit and retention set screw
  • Replacing broken columns is as simple as loosening one set screw, unplugging the fixture, placing a
    new column and replacing the fixture atop its light base
  • Frangible columns are available in packages 10
  • All hardware is precision machined and powder coated aviation yellow for years of service

Remove the existing light fixture base and replace with the quick change fixture base and frangible column. A neoprene gasket is provided for watertight seal.