IESALC Conference 2017

Brett Bieberdorf

Attending The Airfield Lighting Technology Meeting In Dallas

October 22nd – 26th, Booth # 32.

Looking forward to another terrific IESALC Conference!

IES Airfield Lighting Conference 2015

Brett Bieberdorf

Another great technical meeting with the crew from IESALC.  Denver was this years location and the you really couldn’t have asked for a better place.  Great papers, networking and all things aviation, airfield lighting and Navaids made for a good opportunity to bring home some new knowledge.  Art Gonzalez and Kief Hough were also in attendance!

IES Airport Lighting Conference 2013

It is October (my busy time of year), which also means it is time for the IES Airport Lighting Conference. It is a week that is packed full of networking, hearing about the latest trends and technology advances in the airfield lighting industry. Rural Electric has been representing at the conference since 1997 and am still impressed every year at the quality of the people and information at this conference.

Yesterday afternoon was the “Day Show”, which is the only time that vendors (who help tremendously in paying for the show), get an opportunity to market their products to the dozens of airports, engineers and contractors that attend the show. The show is only about 4 hours long, and with over 300 attendees, it makes for a “fast and furious” day of business development and marketing. The bang for the buck factor is fantastic.

This year’s conference is in Tucson at Lowes Ventana Canyon resort. The location is beautiful and serene, right at the foothills of the Catalina mountains with the city of Tucson in the distance. The food and service have been impeccable, and the executive committee and Ken Lepera, as committee chair, have done a fantastic job ensuring all 259 attendees have been well taken care of.

Tonight is the closing banquet and that will finish up this years successful conference. It will be at the Pima Air and Space Museum (an epic location for an aviation related conference). I am already looking forward to hearing about next year’s venue and seeing my industry pals for another great conference next year.

San Bernardino Project

IES Airport Lighting Conference

Less than a month until the IES ALC. It is in Tucson this year, October 20-24. I have been involved in the conference for about 10 years now and must say that this is by far the best place to get airfield lighting and Navaid related information. Most, if not all, of the experts in the industry are there, sharing what they know about new technology as well as how to work with legacy infrastructure.

If you don’t know about it, check it out at If you know about it and aren’t sure you can go? Figure it out, you will be glad you did.

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