LAX Update

The pace of work is picking up at the LAX – TW T project. The site is due west of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT), which is an impressive engineering feat in itself. Our project is the construction of TW T which parallels TW S which is right in front of the TBIT. There are several large, old hangars that some of the airlines use for maintenance that prevent TW T from being a continuous, parallel TW, but LAX has plans to demo these buildings and finish the last piece of the TW in the future.

What is really impressive is the number of large aircraft that fly in/out of LAX. It is not uncommon to see 3 or 4 Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 aircraft all lined up at the same time. These aircraft make 767′s look small and 737′s look downright puny. Phoenix Sky Harbor, for example, may only see a 747 arrival once per day.

The project is interesting and complicated in the fact that it contains multiple types of work in a relatively compact site. Airport lighting (in-pavement and edge), medium voltage distribution, high mast apron lighting, 400hz generation/distribution, and jet fuel system control/montoring are all part of the scope. Lots of retrofit work, phasing conflicts and aircraft detours add to the challenge.

Our team of Kief Hough, Lance Attaway and Geoff Eden keep everything running smooth as we stay ahead of what the airport needs, the engineer wants and Coffman Specialties (our GC) has to have to make schedule and build a safe and quality project.

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