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US Patent 6,685,333 B1

Certification: FAA AC 150/5340-1H


Rural Electric’s closure-x is made of durable vinyl coated fabric and provides airports with reliable and economical method for closing runways and taxiways to aircraft use. The solid yellow color provides superior visibility for a clear indication of closures.


Convenient anchoring is accomplished by filling a 3-inch “fire hose” bladder that 
runs the entire perimeter of the vinyl sheet.

Water bladder is resistant to wind and is more “forgiving” than sandbags or stakes in the event of an aircraft strike.

Material is mildew and U.V. resistant as well as double-seamed for durability.

Easy removal is allowed by opening a drain at the low point of the bladder.

Approximately 50 gallons of water is required per one half of the “X.”


Each leg of the “X” is unrolled and located over the runway numbers or other 
chosen location.

Approximately 50 gallons of water is pumped or gravity flowed into the 3/4” hose fitting in the 3” diameter bladder. A vent is opened on the other end of the bladder and a short extension hose is attached and elevated to ensure complete filling of the bladder.


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