Airfield Lighting Transformer Stand – 6” and 12″ Part #TRASTA Patent Pending

Part #: TRASTA (for the 6 inch version), TRASTA12 (for the 12 inch version)

Rural Electric’s patented non metallic transformer stand is designed to support an isolation transformer in a L-860 series base can. The open bottom design is perfect for French drain systems where a landscape brick would obstruct the drain hole.

Details & Features:

  • Elevates the isolation transformer approximately 6 inches above the can bottom
  • Non conductive construction provides a degree of isolation from the metallic base can
  • The fluted foot bottom allows for passage of the series conductors while leaving the drain hole unobstructed
  • Field tested to support in excess of 200 pounds
  • Ships flat for economical delivery, assembles in seconds

The three part device is quickly assembled and held together using ordinary PVC glue.